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Victory Unto Victory Revivals, Inc.

All Roads Lead To Praiseville!

Bishop Larry J. Conner and Elder Chandra R. Conner, the founders and organizers of Victory Unto Victory Revivals Inc. Victory unto Victory Revivals is an Apostolic Organization using 1 John 5: 4-5 as the theme scripture was where the Organization Name was first given to Bishop Conner while an Evangelist for the Lord Jesus Christ. All the Revivals were conducted under the heading Victory Unto Victory Revivals.

In November 1995, God impressed upon Bishop and Elder Conner to Incorporate Victory unto Victory Revivals Inc. as a ministry for Jesus Christ. On March 3, 1996, after much prayer, fasting and seeking the will of the Lord, Victory Apostolic Temple (VAT), 1505 SE Skyline Drive in Lawton, OK was established as the first church.

In January 2003, Bishop and Elder Conner re-located to the Atlanta, GA. area and established the second church Greater Victory Temple of Praise. The church was turned over to one of our sister churches in November 2004. Bishop & Elder Conner, re-located to their third church Greater Victory Temple of The Apostolic Faith, 6730 Winton Rd, Houston, TX.

In April 2012, God spoke to Bishop and Lady Conner to turn the church over and "GO" work in your Apostle Calling and visit the ministries that He has placed under our Leadership. As of current Bishop and Lady Conner are traveling in their Motorhome preaching the Gospel to the Kingdom of God to their churches and others as God allows.

We are a Organization that is on the move for Christ. So don't judge us, just pray for us and watch the Hand of Jesus in action.